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Govaki Enterprises is a multimedia company run by Kahi "Kahinuva" Govaki and who's headquarters is located in Taone Nui. While it does usually specialize in the realm of online comics, it has also have some television programming via Channel Billion. It also has dabbled in the comedy and virtual reality market as well.



Govaki Enterprises was started when Live, Learn and Lawsuits was first released. Kahi had previously copyrighted the name and started to try and break into the comic series business. While at first partnering with Geico, the contract was then broken when Kahi failed to promote the insurance company. This led to the Official Comic Land Lawfirm going to Live, Learn and Lawsuits Studios and suing Kahi, which also led to the creation of Kahinuva.

With the first comic generating a meager success, Kahi then hired workers for the company. For about six months, the company slowly started to gain ground. Then, suddenly, they were slapped with a lawsuit from the OCLL for the injuries they received from Kahi. The lost that case, which made them almost bankrupt. GE's stock dive-bombed to nearly one cent per share, and the company was getting desperate.

Kahi then sent one of his workers, Ozuan, out to see if he could find anyone that would loan them money. Ozuan struck a deal with the Couch Potato Entity in that if Kahi could make his way through an "obstacle course" for the CPE's amusement alive, then the CPE would grant them a new studio as well as 30 Billion widgets. However, if he failed, he and all the workers of Govaki Enterprises would be erased from reality.

Alternative Saga

While Kahi went on his "Alternative Saga", the studio had gotten a small advance on the CPE's reward and scraped by just enough to put out a few comics. However, they were not sure how it would last.


GE's Alternate Logo


Kahi succeeded with his "Saga", however, and the CPE awarded him with the tri-towered LLL Towers. The sudden gain in money made GE's stock skyrocket, and it soon became the center of attention in Taone Nui. The studio then hired more workers and started to expand into other markets, forging a contract with Channel Billion to produce some television shows that would air with their programming.

Govaki Enterprises had finally risen from a small, struggling company to a true enterprise known all over the world for its media. It remains one of the biggest names in entertainment to this day.

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