The Grammar Hammer is a extremely powerful weapon capable of doing many things. It is currently wielded by Vor and is featured in the series Live, Learn and Lawsuits.


The Grammar Hammer was created by a Cosmic Entity. This cosmic entity was a master craftsman and had created an supreme weapon that was almost to powerful to contain. He sealed it in a void of Time and Space, never to be broken. However, he knew that if the time came, he would have to use it. So he created a key: the Grammar Hammer. He gave the Hammer many abilities and an almost-sapient like intelligence. He then bestowed the honor of wielding the hammer to a Matoran eight hundred thousand years ago. The Hammer itself has been passed to different wielders over time.


The known powers for the Grammar Hammer include:

  • Teleportation
  • Destructive laser beams
  • Absorbing kinetic energy

There are numerous more powers than the ones listed here.


Weaknesses include:

  • Loss of energy
  • Separation from wielder


The wielders of the Hammer are chosen by the one who previously wielded it. The Hammer senses emotions and "transfers" it's power to the next wielder by seeing who the previous owner trusted the most and who's morals line up with those of being a wielder. The Hammer also transfers knowledge from one wielder to the next.

The new owner of the Hammer is transformed with a costume that all wielders wear. The wielder can also disguise himself by willing it. It can also summon the hammer at will (unless it is being wielded by someone else). The wielder itself is granted super-strength and endurance.

The Hammer cannot be lifted by those who are not worthy of it. However, if the person in question is worthy of being a wielder, he/she can wield it as well.

If any wielder is separated from the Hammer for a amount of time relative to their time wielding it, then they lose the powers that the Hammer gave them.

Known Wielders


The Hammer is now in the possession of Vor.


The Grammar Hammer appeared in Live, Learn and Lawsuits. Kahinova, the altered form of Kahinuva, poured energy into it to give it enough power to teleport the island that contained Enigma City into the planet that houses the Comic Land.


  • There is only one of this kind Grammar Hammer in the entire Multiverse.

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