Great Uncle Pete


Species : Turaga
Comics : Disco Isn't Dead
Kanohi : Noble Ruru
Colors : Blue-grey, bronze
Element : None
Occupation : Official legal guardian of Ronsie and sort of guardian of Searon
Tools : Cane
Location : K93.5 Radio Station, formerly The Old People Home
Status : Elderly and possibly blind
Pronunciation : GR-ATE UNKEL PEETE

Great Uncle Pete is a supporting character of Disco Isn't Dead.


Great Uncle Pete is presumably the great uncle of Searon and Ronsie. He is the oldest member of the Searon Family. He is presumed blind because of the fact he has a wooden cane which he carries everywhere and dark glasses which he wears everywhere but it has not been revealed. G.U.P. has little care for rules and is a rather bad guardian for Ronsie. Nevertheless the boy has the utmost respect for him and often follows G.U.P.


Great Uncle Pete was created by Searon and was first introduced in his fan/application comic. At the end of the comic Searon says, "And for Great Uncle Pete!" as he throws a piece of cheese. Later in the filler of the comic Searon and Ronsie are showed actually meeting their "Great Uncle" Pete at "Old People Awareness Day" and it appears that they have never met him before. G.U.P. is somewhat loosely based of of Searon's younger cousin, Patrick.

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