Species : Matoran
Comics : Gavla's Comics
Kanohi : Red and yellow Hau
Colors : Red and Yellow
Element : N/A
Occupation : Comic villain
Tools : Numerous
Location : The Comic Land
Status : Presumed Dead
Pronunciation : N/A

Gunatrax, also called Gunnar (for short) and Garsidius, is Gavla's evil brother. At first he was kind and caring, but he accidentally became a Toa and started ignoring Gavla. Makuta Makron corrupted him thus making him became evil.


Makron had also given Gunatrax the powers of a Great Spirit. Using these powers, Gunatrax forged an alliance with PurPal and Green, creating the Army of Darkness. Gunatrax himself murdered Toa Sy and Dr Pepper, the king of Sy Nui.

Years later, after Sy Nui had been destroyed and Gavla had settled down to make a comic series, Gunatrax sent a robotic duplicate to trick Gavla into thinking he was alright. The duplicate was quite useful at spying on Gavla.

Gunatrax codenamed himself "Red" when undertaking Army of Darkness duties (he was the leader). Gunatrax later killed Purpal and Green as they were a nuisance, but they both survived. Gavla was forced to kill Gunatrax on China-Nui.

However, Gunatrax had anticipated this. He had three clones of Gavla that kidnapped the real Gavla and retrieved Gunatrax's Kanohi mask. To bring Gunatrax back from the dead, they would have to drain Gavla's life force. Gavla nearly had all his life force taken away, but this was enough to bring Gunatrax back in a new, far more powerful, body. Gunnar was later imprisoned in a tree by Lewajohnson.

Trials Saga and Final Wars

A few months later, Gunatrax was back. His soul had been waiting for the chance to possess Gavla. When Uckaz betrayed Gavla by nearly killing him, Gavla's anger fused with Gunatrax's, thus allowing Gunatrax full possession. Yet again, Gunatrax was thwarted. He searched for another host. He found one: VakamaTK. Using his new body, Gunatrax resumed his duties as Army of Darkness leader.

Other Appearances

Gunatrax has also appeared in Project Unlikely with both Gavla and Peter.

He has also appeared in the prequel to Gavla's Comics, The Past as the leader of a much younger Army of Darkness, and is almost killed by PurPal in the final battle.

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