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Guy from Le-koro Comics was a lulz worthy comic series started in 2005. In GFLK's own words, "It was horrible... had unoriginal characters, and the jokes sucked."



The cast in Rayg 1.0 form

  • GFLK: Pretty much the worst person to choose to star in a comic series, as he can never finish anything and ends just complaining about how things were better in the old days. He often tries to joke around, but fails every time. Other than that he's a pretty cool Bro.
  • Matoran: His name isn't original at all. It's like naming a character Person or Human. Matoran's personality is pretty plain also, meaning he's not important and could be replaced or removed at any time. This goes with most of the characters in the comic.
  • Ga-matoran: She's a girl, so she's hated by prepubescent GFLK and his friends. Because of this, she's annoying and snobby.
  • Ta-Matoran: He stole the Vahi from Tahu, so he belongs in Jail.
  • Onu-Matoran?: He listens to whatever anyone tells him. After all, he was shielded from society underground.
  • Plushtoran: A talking stuffed animal. He hates mostly everyone here, except GFLK and Matoran. He's the only one with good sense, apparently.

The Comics

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