"Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala" -Hairdyer doing nothing


Species : Toasterbot
Comics : I MADE THIS
Kanohi : N/A
Colors : Pink, Blue
Element : Wind
Occupation : Villian
Tools : Gale force winds from her mouth
Location : Hapori-Nui
Status : Activated
Pronunciation : HAER-drie-er

Hairdyer is Makuta Veran's robot slave from I MADE THIS. She has a bomb in her chest OMG SUICIDE BOMBER Although the bomb doesn't really hurt anything, it just sends it flying. She doesn't even break apart! It's not her fault if the other people around her fly into spiky walls.

Character Overview

Hairdyer is Mercenus' store-brought hairdyer back outside the universes. When he fell off the train in Chapter 1.5, it fell out of his pocket. Makuta Veran 'Donated' it to the Toasterbot project (By donated, I mean 'DO THIS FOR ME OR I WILL RIP OUT YOUR SPLEENS, AND I'M NOT PAYING FOR THIS.' And so, Hairdyer was born. She used her speakerphone to re-join contact between The Claw and Veran. Then, she blew up Tohu Tower with her non-explosive/no-pain chest bomb. She killed Bill and then fell in love with TOASTER MKII, but not before swallowing a fly on purpouse. She loved it.



Instead of scouting for boys, she stands there looking pretty and waiting for boys to come to her.

Hairdryer has a Pink and Blue color scheme, and she looks like a Matoran. All Toasterbots look like matoran and have some blue. She also has a recycled Vahki head. All of the Toasterbots have Vahki heads, although not all of them are recycled.



  • She is set to appear in Mercenus Chronicles in the near future, in a wanted poster.


  • She is a Toasterbot, which means there is a whole lot of TOASTER-like robots running around. This is not good.
  • The hairdryer she was made from was black like TOASTER was originally silver.

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