Species : Potent Matoran
Comics : Shadonix's Comics (PGS), Nuparurocks' Comics (PGS)
Kanohi : Kaukau
Colors : Blue and Yellow
Element : Lightning
Occupation : Kohlii Player
Tools : Kohlii Stick, Hatchet, Sickle, Pet Kraata (Graata)
Location : Shadonix's Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Huh-NAH-lee

Hanahlii is a Matoran of Lightning who is currently dating Rayku. She is a major PGS character in Shadonix's Comics as well as a minor PGS in Nuparurocks' Comics. Hanahlii is based on BS01 member Megan51.

Heads and Tails

In Heads and Tails, Hanahlii discovered a bag of Toa Stones and became a Toa of Lightning. She is the deputy of the Detective's Company.


Via "rigorous" training, Hanahlii discovered the name of her Zanpaku-to, Subarashii Saji, meaning "Great Surge." It is an electricity-type Zanpaku-to and can be placed in an electrical socket and "charged."

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