Happy Snaps

Genre : Photo comics
Written By : Turaga Dlakii
Current Season : N/A
Location/Setting : Miscellaneous
Main Enemies : Miscellaneous
Starting Date : October 9, 2007
Medium : None, photo comics
Status : Active, temporarily suspended

Happy Snaps is a photo comic series written by Turaga Dlakii. Production has been temporarily suspended.


Happy Snaps does not have a set plot line, or indeed, a uniform set of characters. The series features pretty much any Bionicle sets that Turaga Dlakii has on hand at the time. Ironically, only the Piraka have been featured in the series so far.

To date, there are only two comics in the series, as Dlakii prefers to focus on The Unknown Turaga Saga and The Newsroom.


  • The first episode of Happy Snaps was actually made in early 2006. As a result, it is of lesser quality than the second.
  • One of Turaga Dlakii's dogs was seen in the second comic; Vezok attributes his spine piercing to this dog. This is a reference to the fact that, due to a blunder on the part of Lai: Toa of Shadows, that particular dog got ahold of Vezok and caused some damage to his spine.
  • Hakann is the only Piraka who has not appeared in the series as of yet.

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