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High Advance Rahkshi are very powerful units who usually serve as Sith guards in Bionicle Star Wars. They are set to guard the Sith base in Omega Serus, as well as any outpost set up by the Sith. They are more powerful than Advanced Rahkshi, but fewer in numbers. They usually carry electric staffs.

Rahk-Shi 2.0 is based on a High Advanced Rahkshi Commander.


We rarely see High Advance Rahkshi battle the Jedi (probably so the Sith base would be better guarded), but we do see them send information to Darth Sharzahk such as Orkham requesting to see him, and therefore are vital to the Sith.


They are created just like Advanced Rahkshi, using the Advanced Rahkshi Synthesizer, only with a different color and different plans inserted into the slot.

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