The Banner of HARP

"Our purpose would be to entertain in random and hilarious ways, starting with the bizarre world of "The Oddessy". Plus it just seems like everyone is forming a co-author group, so why not us?"
— Blademan TOED

The Hilarious Association of Random People, or HARP, is a group founded by Blademan with the goal of entertaining to the most random level possible.


One of Blademan's many ideas was to form a co-author group. This idea was inspired by The Group, and the fact that other groups were being formed too. Using his ability to create random acronyms, he came up with the name "HARP". Like most of his ideas, it would take a while before it became a reality, but then on May 29, 2010, he sent out a Private Message to all of the current authors of "The Oddessy" announcing it and asking if they wanted to join, and everyone did. Long before he did announce it though, he discussed this idea with Depar, who was kind enough to make a banner for it. Currently, HARP hasn't done much beyond "The Oddessy", but Blademan hopes that eventually they shall become as big as The Group.





  • HARP has ties to the CCC through Bioboy12.

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