IBZP Comics


Author(s) : Varderan, MT Zehvor
Current Season : 1
Started On : January 9, 2010
Location : iBZP Studio
Status : Active

iBZP Comics is a comic series by Varderan, the founder of iBZP (Independent Bionicle Zone Podcast), a podcast made by BZPers for BZPers unlike BZPowercast, in which only staff members can participate. It is highly notable for using characters drawn on a tablet, and not sprites.

Although not an MAS by any definition, Varderan illustrates the comics whereas MT Zehvor writes the scripts.


The hand-drawn style allows virtually unlimited freedom in poseabiility, as opposed to sprites. The art style is supposed to be similar to RvB Comics. This also allows for great expressions. The series is set in a studio, but not a comic studio. Instead it is set in the fictional iBZP Studio where podcast episodes are recorded, edited and released.


A sort of gimmick is that each panel has a minor difference, and the reader is supposed to find them. Whoever finds them and sends a message first gets a script to the next comic before anyone else.

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