Author(s) : Tapika
Current Season : Season Two: Just a Dream
Medium : Chimoru Omega and Chimoru Omega 2.0 (exclusive to these comics)
Island : Hapori-Nui (The Comic land)
Main Enemies : The Claw, Makuta Veran
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : April 21 2008
Location : The Comic land and Bread Nui
Status : Ended
Pronunciation : You can say this!

"I MADE THIS" was a plot-driven comic series, but sometimes strayed from the plot for points of fun. The plot was broken down into itty-bitty chunks called 'Comics' that could have confused you if you haven't read the others. The last plot, JUST A DREAM, involved the recovery of Tapika, the uprise of Veran, and the beginning of Bread-Nui, along with lots of other little plotlines that could have leaped out at you and got you.

Tapika has abandoned IMT and the NWI to focus on his latest series - SIMPLICITY... as well as his other plans in the future.

The Comics

Comics usually have an average of around 7 PROPER panels, although there has been one comic with one panel before, and a few with four. People like IMT because it is not only funny, but it has a plot. But, unlike MC, IMT balances the comedy and story, unlike MC's Plot heavy basis.


A LOT of characters are in I MADE THIS. Seriously. These are the basics. PGS= Permanent guest star


Character Description
Tapika The main protagonist, Tapika is young. He is a member of the BZ-guard, but he hasn't got much to do. Soon he will, however...
TOASTER MKII The second in a series of Toasterbots, TOASTER MKII is adorable AND confusing. He is king of Bread-Nui.
Bill Bill can only be described with a series of words. He can never die, and this has put him off-guard to true danger. Uh-oh.
Hairdryer Hairdryer is a female Toasterbot who is currently mindlessly following Veran's orders. TOASTER likes her.
Rangan Mercenus(PGS) Mecenus is an unusual fellow, but is stern. He also kicks many types of grass, including Blossom flower. He is a PGS. He has an armless robotic clone running around somewhere.
Eljay Of Mangosteen(PGS) Eljay is of royal descent, the grandchild of Kera of the High Council. He loves mangosteen, and can create it on will. He is a pgs. He has a dying robotic clone running around somewhere. His real name was hidden and replaced with Lewajohnson (Nickname) when he was concealed.


Character Description
Makuta Veran Makuta Veran is Makuta of the north of Hapori Nui. He wears the Kanohi Terrix, mask of Fear. He is powerful but can overlook things easily.
The Claw The Claw is an extremely manipulative, super-powered and sneaky charecter. He is rumoured to be a descendant of Hapori Nui, the being, like Hapori Tohu and Hapori Dume were.
Plasma Man Plasma man is unusual. He was forged out of plasma, with a chunk of Bradon's spirit involved to give life to him. Because he is a reject of society, he is slightly warped. He has an unusual obsession with making traps, which is unfortunate for Bill.
Eraser Magician The Eraser Magician is Erasing the world slowly, but surely. And he is not doing this by choice...
Vaccum Cleaner A swearing arrogant, self-centered and sarcastic Toasterbot, Vaccum Cleaner is the closest to the streets you will ever get in BZ-Metru.
Bizzaro Lewajohnson/The Puppeteer He is a bizzaro, a reject of society like Plasma Man. No one likes him but the claw, who has helped him gain his ability to go 'Neon' (The Puppeteer) in exchange for his intelligence. He can still play chess, however.
Tarai Tarai is Tapika's 'brother', and is the Aero Project. Nothing else is known about him at current.


  • The identity of the "Claw" and some of the other villain backgrounds: Enough has been said.
  • The silencer's previous missions
  • What else awesome I has missed


The North-western Isles Continuity is IMT's continuity. This page also contains some new info on IMT.

Planned sequels and other media

Most of these ideas have been scrapped.


There was going to be an I MADE THIS movie some time after comic 75.


Tapika has begun writing the epic 'The Girl who loved MKI'.


IMT MIGHT be made into a game. Depends on Tapika's level of procrastination.


  • Dark709 for the ORIGINAL Chimoru Omega and several other stuff.
  • Everyone else who worked on the Chimoru kit.
  • Mercenus, for being such a great help


  • I MADE THIS is named after the creation of TOASTER.
  • The first comic was designed for a studio-comic like series. The second comic was originally going to be followed up by a series about black holes allowing TOASTER to do that.
  • The comics use a unique sprite style: Chimoru Omega 2.0, they are exclusive to The Mercenus Chronicles and IMT, and will NOT be released to the public EVER.
  • A lot of things from S1 are based off things from Transformers Animated- Bill = Starscream who can never die, The claw = Useless Megatron, Bill = Tutor bot, the universe's whipping boy.
  • The North-western Isles Continuity is the first new comic continuity since The Unknown Turaga Saga and Dark709's Comic Land continuity (Actually, NWI stemmed off D709's continuity).

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