Screenshot of iaza main page.

iaza is a free online tool for image editing.

iaza was first created in 2007 and has become a popular tool for comic makers due to its simplicity of use and exotic features, with some people calling it an "online Photoshop".

There is also an iaza app for the iPhone called Ezimba.


iaza has a large amount of image editing features, including file conversion, transformation, artistic effects, and image enhancement. It also supports animation features such as The Matrix and regular animation, or "Cookie cutters," which cuts the image into a certain shape.

Image Enhancement


A screenshot of Paint XP run through The Matrix and then through the cookie cutter shape of the Apple logo.

  • Format - Changes an image's filetype to either .gif, .jpg, .png, or .bmp.
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Hue and Saturation


  • Orientation - Rotate or flip an image
  • Size - Allows you to change the images size or create a thumbnail
  • Crop - Crops the image in either a rectangular or vignette style
  • Border - Adds a border to the image; either a solid color, frame, or 3D border. It can also make a button.
  • Label - Adds text or a watermark to an image

Artistic Effects

  • The Matrix - Animates an image so that parts of it, depending on the settings, will move in different positions
  • The Red Pill - Allows you to animate while also turning the image into different shapes
  • DVD Spin - Turns the image into a spinning DVD-shaped object. It can also be a pie chart, depending on the settings
  • Psychedelic - Turns the image into an odd, psychedelic animation
  • Jigsaw - Selecting one of ten jigsaw puzzle pieces in order to the turn image into one
  • Implode - Implodes an image into a black hole
  • Explode - Explodes an image into a bulky mass
  • Taffy Pull - Pulls an image as if it were a piece of taffy

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