Idera-Nui is the island Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen originated from. Gingies-Nui is the sister island above Idera-Nui, which is connected by a bridge made from both land masses.


Idera-Nui (eye-DEH-rah new-EE)is the real name for the island. It was nick-named "Mango-Nui" by travelers. Idera-Nui is mostly covered is lush plant life, such as (mostly) mangosteen trees, very little mango trees, and other sorts. It has a small desert and water and fire areas. Idera-Nui is fully populated by St-Matoran. Idera-Nui has a suva near the center of the island. In the forest, there is a village for the St-Matoran and there Turaga, Turaga Ukokas.

Mango-Nui Gingies-Nui

Idera-Nui (bottom) and Gingies-Nui (top)


Gingies-Nui is sort of like Metru-Nui - from a technology standpoint - but has all of the normal areas for all sorts of Matoran. Not much is known about the island, but what is said in Fight for the Lazy Life, it has a lot of weapons, of which can be used to take over other lands, and maybe even that of the Comic Land.


  • The name "Idera" is said quickly, while the "Nui" is normal.
  • Idera-Nui and Gingies-Nui might have meanings, of which are unknown at this time.

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