Species : Matoran
Comics : Real Live Comic Makers, ~V~
Kanohi : Great Huna
Colors : Red, Gray (Armor Pieces and Life Orb in the Chest)
Element : Fire
Occupation : Comic Maker, Casual Spriter
Tools : Hoverboard, Bombs
Location : Unknown
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Ih-kad

Ikkad, or Ikkad555 is a comic maker and occasional spriter. Although starting off as a Chimoru and Razor user, he later developed taste in RZMIK and has been an avid user, supporter and casual spriter since. He wemt on hiatus after RLCM ended, but later returned on April 12, 2010.


Ikkad started off as a noob comic maker creating Ikkad555's Comics in 2007, a series which didn't last for too long and featured poor MSPaint graphics but surprisingly gained a following and he was recognized by people such as Dr. Random. The comics used Chimoru Omega and Razor.

~V~ and TBGfPWSB

Ikkad's most notable work was as co-author for ~V~. He made 14 comics before getting fired. In the comics, he had a pet rock named Kafu and performed a stunt in which he imitated the Green Goblin - using a hoverboard and dropping bombs. In the meantime, he made a couple of comics for Aoran's The Big Guide for People With Small Brains. This series used Rayg.


After that, he became a co-author for Real Live Comic Makers. However he became notorious for procrastinating a lot, along with JediBot (though not at such a level as his). The topic has since died.

Scrapped Ideas

Bara Magna: Redone

Ikkad was originally assigned as the co-author replacing Zahaki in the reboot of the series Bara Magna: Redone, however due to having no progress or contributions at all, he was scrapped from the series and instead BM:R became a two-author series.


Ikkad's latest series, Squidventures!, was released on April 12, 2010.


Ikkad has made a good bunch of spritesheets with custom elements, as for actual spriting he is best known for participating in Project Allspark - a sprite project meant to bring Transformers sprites to BZPower, based on RZMIK.

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