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Genre : Unknown
Started/Maintained By : Garda
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : The Authors' Imagination
Main Enemies : The Virus
Starting Date : December 4, 2010
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : alive

Imagination is a multi-author comic series started by Garda, which is also authored by Master Distraction, Shadonix, Exon(Reflum), Navin, Reznas, Biocryptid21(Biocrptid) and Xeso.


The authors are pulled into what they believe is a void, which they later discover is the combination of their collective imaginations. They come to discover that they are capable of doing whatever they want while in their Imagination, but as they bring more things into their Imagination, a "virus" is created. This virus begins to infect the authors' friends, who turn against the authors and attempt to kill them.


Authors/Good Guys

Character Description
Garda The "leader" of the group, and mainly the peace keeper.

Master Distraction (MD)

One of Garda's good friends. He defies the laws of physics and has ticked off Shadonix
Shadonix One of the "sane" ones and dislikes MD. Also another one of Garda's good friends.
Exon(Reflum) To be filled
Navin To be filled
Reznas To be filled
Biocryptid21(Biocrptid) Brought a Pizza and Optimus Prime.
Xeso Another one of Garda's best friends.

Bad Guys

Character Description
The Virus Created by the authors, The Virus is a deadly force with many weapons. You can't classify them as "zombies." Because they are too fast. You can classify them as "infected." They use guns, and they have claws. They are not an enemy that you want to face. There is NO leader of the infected. LNU, Legolover-361, and Darcsyde are currently infected

Recurring Characters/Other

Character Description
The NGC The rest of the NGC that was brought to imagination
The Giant head( Gerald Butler's head from 300) "Created" by MD when they got to Imagination. He is a recurring characters that says OM NOM NOM and has eaten Reflum and Shadonix.
Ego MD's mental self. Not necessarily an alter ego as such. Someone MD would talk to when he was bored or alone. Ego is only called "Ego" because it's easier for MD.


This series consists of eight authors, which are:

  1. Garda
  2. Master Distraction MD
  3. Shadonix
  4. Exon(Reflum)
  5. Navin
  6. Reznas
  7. Biocryptid
  8. Xeso

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