Species : Toa of Fire/Dragon hybrid.
Comics : The Adventure Squad
Kanohi : Orange Vahi, but somewhat mangled and twisted.
Colors : Purple with red wings
Element : Formerly a Toa of Fire. Has since been transformed.
Occupation : Korasai's smarter henchman
Tools : Wings, Dragon form
Location : Wetlands City
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Infector is Korasai's smarter henchman and resident evil scientist of Philipnova798's The Adventure Squad. He was responsible for turning the majority of the population of Wetlands City into the horrible things that live there. As well as being responsible for turning a Matoran into a rather dumb (and mind controlled) lackey.

Character Background

Infector was originally a Toa of Fire named Infore, and was comrades and close ally with Captain Dagger. Infore was a rather skilled scientist and one day, made a chemical that could turn anything ugly into something better looking. However, Korasai discovered this and kidnapped the Toa. Forcing him to create a similar potion, only to instead make people become vicious creatures made to kill.

As a way of torture, Korasai turned Infore slowly into a monster, both physically and mentally. Over time, he forgot who he originally was and also became a monster that was able to shapeshift into a dragon. He was also responsible for the plan to turn Wetlands City into its present wasteland state.

In the series

Infector was to be the original villain of the series. But that was changed later on.

He made appearances in both of Makito's joke comics. Where he was defeated by a Shoop Da Whoop and a Lightsaber. He has yet to appear in the series proper, but he was mentioned by Korasai in Aquatic Lewa's comic.

The eyes in the second comic were to be Infector's but was changed for continuity reasons to be Korasai's.

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