Species : Winged Shadow Toa
Comics : Inikarobert1's Comics 2.0
Kanohi : Avsa, resembles an Iden
Colors : White and Black(main), Gold(Armor)
Element : Ice and Shadow
Occupation : Comic maker
Tools : The Rig
Location : New Comic Land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : In-i-kuh-ro-bert-one

Inikarobert1 (aka Inikarobert, Inika or just Robert) is a comic maker for BZPower. He is an excellent spriter, and wants to be a popular comic maker. He created Inikarobert1's Comics 2.0 due to the failure of 1.0 and is sucessful at comic making. He is also the founder of The Comic Land Reborn Continuity. He also likes making comedy comics like his own, Plus he is making his own movie in versions: Black and White


Inikarobert1 is a comic maker and spriter on BZP and DeviantArt. He started comic making on December and made good friends. He enjoys looking at Phil and Tavakai's comics along with The Bohrok Lord's. He is good friends with Chan'e. He knows the ICC well along with his own. He enjoys listening to CryoShell songs and drinking Mtn Dew White Out.

In-series Information

Robert C. Axonnus moved to Spherus Magna at the age of 13 after the death of Teridax. He then settled in New Comic Land and made friends with Phil, Tavakai, Sharnak, Chan'e. He became the leader of the Toa Epsilon. He lead his fellow Toa members to fight many wars against the corrupted BZ-Guards(who were now killed by the elemental blast by the combined powers) and the Skrall. He and his team then open the studio which he has his own hilarious comics:

2.0 comics

  • Season 1 comics
  • Season 2 comics (Coming soon)
  • GS comics


Robert is about to make his own movie in two versions: Black with Zekrom, Nektann, the Brotherhood of Codex, Black Doom, Marx Soul, and Reuniclus, and White with Vezok, Bisharp, the Dark Star, Reshiram, Virus Casi and Toa Cam under the name, Inikarobert1: The Movie

Voice Acting

Robert voice acts in Inikarobert1: The Movie(He will be credited under his real name.) He will also be the voice of Codex, Sharnak, and Black Doom, the Black Arm overlord.

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