Inikarobert1 Tri: Creeps from the Deeps

Producer : Inikarobert1
Comics of Origin : Inikarobert1's Comics 2.0
Sprite Kit : Xaniskit
Location : New Comic Land, Codex Nui, New Sy-Nui
Main Enemies : Makuta Codex, the Brotherhood of Codexand the Creeps from the Deep
Commencement Date : Spring 2011
Status : In Pre-Production
Inikarobert1 Tri: Creeps from the Deeps is an upcoming movie by Inikarobert1 as part of the "Inikarobert1 Tri Trilogy".


A strange ship hit the temple on Codex Nui, revealing Stacy Prowler, the Seedrian Fox. she discovered the Planet Egg in the temple's shrine, but was attacked by Makuta Codex and his minions, the Creeps from the Deep. She then discovered Shadonox, Nocturn and the Brute Creep, she then fell into the 2nd Pit, a new prison that the Creeps escaped.

Nothing else is revealed yet. as Robert is beginning to write a script. It is planned that most of the backstory from the movie contains horrific events caused by the main villains in the movie.

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