Author(s) : Mr.E
Current Season : 3.0 (With Intel Outside)
Medium : RZMIK, Rayg
Island : N/A
Main Enemies : N/A
Number of Movies : None
Started On : January 3, 2006
Location : N/A
Status : Inactive
Pronunciation : N/A

Insannamix, "The Bite-Sized Comic With One Exciting Flavour", alternatively written Insannimix was a comic series by Mr.E. It can be regarded as a cult classic due to the original incarnation's popularity (later on as well) and also being one of the classic non-Group RZ series.


Original Incarnation

Insannamix was first started on January 3, 2006, and was met with large amounts of popularity. However, due to constraints on Mr. E, work temporarily ceased on the project, and the series' BZPower topic was closed on February 28, 2006. The thread sported 179 posts and 31 comics.

Alpha (Version 2)

The second season of Insannamix was launched on March 13, 2006, and was also met with instant popularity, its topic gaining ten posts over one day. This series was much shorter-lived than its predecessor, closing down much quicker, on April 15 2006. The topic had gained 108 posts, and had brought the total comic count up to 41.


Several months later, on June 17 2006, the third version of Insannamix was released. Though this series boasted more comics than its predecessor, it was even shorter-lived than 2.0, only reaching a total of 65 replies. The total number of comics by the end was 54.

The Characters

  • Mr.E - The author.
  • Orie - Violent person, dislikes puns and totes around a needler.
  • Coby - Orie's smarter twin brother, whom he hates. Dislikes cliches.
  • Dreiken - Vezok's only friend, tries to help people but often fails.
  • TaterTot - Actually Turaga Dlakii.
  • Vezok - AKA DiscoDaddy, likes to dance but gets angry.
  • Pod - Named after the iPod (described as "like one of those iPod chicks you see in the commercials, only not a chick), owner of the stuff shop.
  • Norik - The guy with the most common sense, probably too much hence a lot of things disturb him.
  • Aoran - Mr.E's best friend.


  • Though the topic for 3.0 was closed because Angry Nidhiki supposedly revived it, it wasn't revived until Dr. Bionicle closed it.

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