An introduction comic or an intro comic is a first comic used in some series that serves the purpose of introducing the settings or characters, often departing from the standard comedic format. It differs from a standard first comic in that it almost always breaks the fourth wall.


Introduction comics are generally short, and often shows the main character or author of the series breaking the fourth wall by introducing the series' characters one-by-one. Alternatively, the "host" may welcome readers by telling them that the comic series has returned after hiatus, or something of that nature.

While there is usually at least one attempt at humor is made by the end of the strip, it is sometimes an afterthought.


Many argue against the use of an introduction comic, considering it unnecessary as a Character Sheet would serve the same purpose, or believing that readers should get to know the characters at time progresses through the comics alone.

The use of an introduction comic is extremely uncommon in Plot-Oriented Comics, which, while using shorter first comics to set the stage, rarely break the fourth wall.


The introduction comic dates back to 2003, with The Rise and Fall of the Toa by The Chilli God. Since then it has become relatively common in humor-oriented series--in particular, Studio Comics.

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