Irish Johnny (The Person)


BZPower Status : Banned Member
BZP Comics Wiki Status : Page Editor
Number of Posts (BZP) : 69
BZP Occupations : Comic Artist
Commenced Comic Making : November 22, 2008
Number of Comics : 10+
Pronunciation : eye-rish jah-nee
Location : Ireland
Tools : Microsoft Paint, GIMP
You may be looking for the comic titled "Irish Johnny", which is located here.

Irish Johnny is a comic artist who writes a self-titled comic series. He is known for a healthy combination of random and situationally relevant humor, as well as an obsession with Ireland and all things Irish, as well as squid-lobsters.


Johnny has rarely had any moments of insanity in his comics. Overall, his attitude towards other, more insane characters seems tolerable. He surrounds himself with these people, but has little sign of craziness.

It has also been discovered that he is the alter-ego of comic author Vahkoro (Person).


Irish Johnny is a Le-Matoran with a Lime-Green body, arms, and pelvis. His hands, mask, torso, and feet are all a Metru-green shade. He has a lime-green stripe in the middle of his mask.

If you had looked at the picture, you wouldn't have to read this.

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