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Jack albatross

Species : Albatross
Comics : Darklight's Comics
Kanohi : Pakari, Kadin as a Toa
Colors : Red/Black, Green Eyes
Element : Unknown
Occupation : Unknown
Tools : Potions
Location : Unknown
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : N/A

Jack is a character in Darklight's Comics, who is a bit stupid.

Character devolopement.

When Darklight was making his first comics, he thought that he needs a generic dumb guy on the comics, but the dummy would be a bit defferent from the others. This character should not have any obsessions to food of anykind, the character should have a high belief that he has the ability to fly. Now, creating the character wasn't hard at all, actually Darklight just took a normal red colored Razor sheet and gave the sheet a grey Pakari. Thus, Jack was born.


Jack has a high belief that he can fly, he has failed in the attempts to fly every time. Only time he has succeeded are the times he steals flying potions from Darklight's sister, Jade.

Jack's family

Jack has three brothers. Joe, Willaim and Avarell. All three of them have the ability to fly. As some of might already noticed, the names are clearly from the Lucky Luke comics. Two of them follow the same kind of design like Jack, Having a grey Pakari on a normal red and orange Razor sheet. One of them has the same sheet as Jack but the body is colored in orange.

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