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"Jaller" derives from official BIONICLE canon. For information on on Jaller's role therein, please see this article from the BS01 Wiki.


Species : Matoran
Comics : See below
Kanohi : Yellow Hau
Colors : N/A
Element : Commander
Occupation : Disks
Tools : The Comic Land, Mata Nui
Location : Alive
Status : Jaller
Pronunciation : red
Jaller is a Matoran from Ta-Koro. He is the leader of an organization known as the Ta-Koro Guard. He has also become a Toa in later years.

Appearances in comicsEdit

Jaller is a character to many different comic series, such as:

Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0Edit

In these comics, Jaller is portrayed as Hewkii's rival and Hahli's boyfriend. That said, Jaller still commands the Ta-Koro Guard.

In Philipnova798's Comic Factory The Movie- Attack of Dr. Madness He will be voiced by Phil.

Vahi786's ComicsEdit

In these comics, Jaller was one of Vahi's characters. He has not been seen since the move to The Comic Land.

NokamaXGain9's Comics (formerly)Edit

It's unknown what Jaller was like in these comics.

Blade Titan974's ComicsEdit

Jaller made a cameo in comic nine of the series.

The Ta-Koro GuardEdit

For more information about this organization, see The Ta-Koro Guard

This organizaton consisting of the top Ta-Matoran in Ta-Koro was founded by Jaller as a defence to rid their Village of stange creatures and unwanted morons. They have since been haned down to another matoran when Jaller left for The Comic Land to become a member of the BZ-Guards

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