::Jaller-Inika's:: Comics was a comic series by FireEmblem, whom at the time was known as ::Jaller-Inika::. It was a sequel to FireEmblem's first comic series, VakamaFan's Comics.


Jaller-Inika's:: Comics was about VakamaFan's new appearance after an accident involving him to be transformed into a clone of Toa Inika Jaller. Many old characters from VakamaFan's Comics appeared in ::Jaller-Inika's:: Comics, such as Sidorak710, Jay997, Gavla, JM, and Venom. Also, some new characters made some appearances, such as Oni, KaboutopsMan, ::Jaller-Inika's:: "comic watcher" (a take on guardian angel) Trenok, and Dark709. The series could range from totally random to completely and utterly pointless. (Example: in one comic, Venom and JM were fighting with suits from the Iron Man movie when Oni came in dressed up like War Machine.)

Jaller-Inika's:: Comics was made in Varderan's Vortex Kit and reached only 8 comics. The backgrounds were custom-sprited by ::Jaller-Inika:: himself. The topic reached 4 pages (1 and a half VakamaFan's Comics, 2 and a half ::Jaller-Inika's::) before the final post on September 25, 2008 by Gavla. The series was abandoned due to ::Jaller-Inika::, now switched to his AtconixRex persona, was co-authoring in ~V~.


The PGSes in this comic series are:

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  • The Topic (Note - the same topic was used for VakamaFan's Comics)

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