Janaro's Café


Author(s) : Janaro
Current Season : One, although it could be considered season two of Janaro
Medium : Xaniskit 2.0
Island : Vara Nui
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : None
Started On : October 10, 2010 (10/10/10)
Location : Janaro's Café
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Juh-NAR-row's Caff-fay

Janaro's Café is Janaro's newest comic series and his second as part of the International ComicContinuity. It is themed around the six main characters and their frivolous antics in the titular café.


Main characters

Janaro Ramsey is the main character. He is a moron, but he owns the café and half of the television company, so you'd better do what he says. Also he has phenominal cosmic powers and could vaporize you as soon as look at you, although with his bare-bones sanity he's only vaguely aware of this. He is an excellent cook and is addicted to MSPaint Adventures.

Umbra 'Shadow' Jackson is one of Janaro's best friends, who helps out around the café and presents several of Akaku TV's shows. He is egotistical, loud and shameless, but he is also musical, playing the piano excellently, and can be incredibly polite when he wants to.

Atoma Lester is Janaro's other best friend, completing the character trio. She is impatient, but pleasant, artistic and helpful, and she has taken it upon herslf to keep Janaro out of trouble. She, along with most of the others, presents some of Akaku TV's shows.

Thak Argent is another of the group's friends. He is somewhat immature, despite being one of the oldest members of the group, and his body has high quantities of electrical energy, allowing him to supply energy to the Infinite Improbability Drive stored in the café's attic.

Clarinia Rouge is yet another of the friends, and a mechanical genius who deals with the TV shows on the technical front, rather than presenting them. She works on Janaro's bizarre food creation machines and the Infinite Improbability Drive.

Ladai Terra is the other owner of Akaku TV, as well as the only main character who does not live above the café. He often feels uncomfortable asking Janaro's opinion on things, as Janaro usually spouts nonsense whenever he does. He gets on well with Atoma.


Janaro has admitted that most of the humor will be mostly made up of jokes taken from MSPaint Adventures, and he is deliberately going to try exploiting the premise for all it's worth in order to counterract this.

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