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Janaro (Author)

Iimtjaniii ahahaha heg got NOKED OUT by the WIOI RMOT what an MORAN...

BZPower Status : Emerging Stone Champion
BZP Comics Wiki Status : Member
Number of Posts (BZP) : 1450-1500
BZP Occupations : Comic maker
Commenced Comic Making : 1st January 2009
Number of Comics : 3 series, not counting Multi-Author Series
Pronunciation : Jan-ah-roe
Location : Great Britain
Tools : Adobe Photoshop Elements, GIMP 2.6, MS Paint
This article is for the comic author. You may be looking for other uses of Janaro.
"Why is everyone good at displaying what my characters are really like but me?"
— Janaro
Janaro, currently known as timelord166 on BZPower, is a comic author, writer of an eponymous series, and member of the International ComicContinuity.

He was also a member of "The Group," as confirmed by Kortu.

BZPower History

Janaro started out under the name of timelord166, using an account which he is no longer able to acess and he'd really rather not link, on the 29th September 2005 . He floated aimlessly amongst the forums, drifting into Comedies, Buy/Sell/Trade and occasionally Artwork I (which then hosted comics), until the forums were re-skinned and he lost acess to his account. Creating a new account, he continued to wander aimlessly, making the occasional awful short, abandoned epic, detestable comedy or unapproved, non-thought out COT RPG, until one point in 2008 when he learned of his true calling: Comic making. He stayed in Artwork III, working on his comic idea until he came up with the final product of his masterpiece, Janaro. He was appreciated by many members including Ennar, Mr. Maniac and others. Eventually, through several shenanigans, he became a member of the International ComicContinuity, raising his BZPower status by a minute amount. In addition to this, after being an annoying clingy hanger on for ages, Kortu eventually declared that he was a member of "The Group".

During this time, Tapika got him interested in the webcomic MSPaint Adventures, which he got so obsessed with that he started a comic series based on it.

He is still a noob and nobody likes him. He is also very self-deprecating.

Writing about himself in the third person gives him a headache.

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