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Janaro (Series)


Author(s) : Janaro
Current Season : One
Medium : Rahi Zaku Mini Kit
Island : Vara Nui
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : January 1, 2009
Location : Vara Nui
Status : It's worse than that it's dead Jim
Pronunciation : Jah-nar-row

Janaro was a comic series written by BZPower member Janaro. The topic has died, but Janaro intends to bring it back as Janaro²: Here we go again.


Main Characters

Picture Character Description
Janchar Janaro Janaro is, quite frankly, an idiot. He acts erraticly and is constantly getting into trouble. He is one of the only people capable of conversing with Rly.
Atchar Atoma AtomicToa, or Atoma, is a peaceful and good-humored person, but she often gets exasperated at Janaro and Shadow's antics.
Shachar Shadow Shadow is a good friend of Janaro with a big ego. He is part demon, and has the ability to sprout wings from his back, because he thinks it looks cool. He enjoys watching scary movies and playing Beethoven on the piano.

Other characters

Picture Character Description
Rlychar Rly An odd creature with the ability to warp space around him. His actions and words make no sense, and he's completely unpredictable.
Thakchar Thak An immature matoran who claims to wear the mask of "Antidisestablishmentarianism". Nobody actually knows what it does, least of all himself, but everyone is terrfied by it.
Clarchar Clarinia An old friend of Janaro, Atoma and Shadow's, who moved house but got back to Vara Nui. She enjoys working with mechanical equipment.


Permanent Guest Stars

  1. Nuparurocks
  2. Freezo
  3. Ultimate_Kardas
  4. Vezon The Piraka
  5. Mr.Maniac
  6. Venom
  7. Ziko


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