Species : Advanced Robot
Comics : League of Doomy Doom
Kanohi : Kakama
Colors : Sparkling yellow and Silver
Element : None
Occupation : Co-Author, Retired Author
Tools : Himself
Location : Somewhere...
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Jeh-Dai Bot

JediBot is a cheerful and normally happy comic-making robot with Jedi powers such as the force. How he has these powers is unknown, but has never been seen using his powers.



One of JediBot's BZPower avatars

JediBot Joined BZPower in June 2006 as Fire_Hakann_Dude. He is now on the three Artwork forums as idioticRobotics, making kits, comics, and overall being a well-known member. He has the Three-year Huna (but doesn't use it) and has more than average proto.


JediBot has had many of his own comic series, almost all of which are dead. He has mostly worked Co-Authoring pre-existing comics. Non-noobish comics he has made/participated in are (in order of creation). He's best known as Venom's most fan-approved co-author, working with the comic maker since his first series, Venom's Comics.

  • The Venom Chronicles (TVC), created by Venom
  • Vahk: Behind The Mask (Vahk: BTM), Created by Vahkoro
  • ~V~, again created by Venom (Fired at the end of season 2)
  • ~M~, One of Jedibot's better series, included the Phantoka Makuta and died due to the author's laziness
  • -{Agents}- 2, a two-author series with Gavla, died due to criticism
  • Real Life Comic Makers (RCLM), [dead] a multi-author series started by Maphrox
  • League of Doomy Doom, [down for the moment] Jedibot's newest, hopefully most successful comics

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