Jedle potrait

Jedle in front of a stereotypical film-camera, that probably doesn't work in real life

Jedle is one of the characters in About A Suetoran. He is a Matoran presumably living in The Comic Land.


Jedle is the sarcastic, no-nonsense film director hired by Suetoran. Jedle acts as "the Straight Man"; a comic foil for Suetoran's "comedic" acts, which he's not very happy about. He is presumably the only one aware of how talentless Suetoran actually is, and loathes everything he does and represents. Jedle is also not fond of the impossible phenomenons that is happening around him.

Background History

Jedle was actually a character made by the Question's friend, but was quickly forgotten by him. Question decided picked up the character and used it for his own purposes.

External Waker of Winds

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