Species : Rahkshi
Comics : Secret Agents, The Newsroom
Kanohi : None
Colors : Red, Black
Element : Fear
Occupation : Pet
Tools : None
Location : Channel Billion Studios
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation :

Johnny the Rahkshi is a character who originated in Secret Agents, but was later made famous in The Newsroom.


In Secret Agents

Johnny was the pet of the Ta-Matoran agent Pyro. As soon as he was purchased, he proceeded to eat the TV and XBox 360.

After Secret Agents

Unfortunately, Secret Agents eventually sank. However, Turaga Dlakii was a longtime fan of the series, and so when iKKF (the creator of Secret Agents) appeared as a Permanent Guest Star in The Newsroom, Johnny accompanied him into the series.

In The Newsroom

Johnny held much the same role in The Newsroom as he did before. This time, he was iKKF's pet. Though he never appeared much, his most memorable moment was when he ate a TV while Serasha was watching Cars, resulting in him being launched through the studio in a blaze of Serasha's colour powers.


Johnny acted much like a cat for the most part - docile, prone to doing unusual things and known to meow like a cat. However, rather than choosing to eat Toa and Matoran as normal Rahkshi supposedly sometimes do, he was driven by an irresistable urge to consume electronic devices of any description upon seeing them.

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