Species : Matoran
Comics : Generic Quest
Kanohi : Unknown
Colors : White, Blue
Element : None
Occupation : Analyst
Tools : None
Location : Earth
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Johnson is a technical analyst and field ops. coordinator for The B Team. He was also responsible for rebuilding Lehatu into a B-Team member.


Season 1

When General Haas decided to strike at the team's rival in the heart of Los Angeles, Johnson remained at their base in the Arctic and coordinated the technical aspects of the attack. After Haas and the others were shot down by the United States Air Force in the helicopter in which they were attempting to escape L.A., Johnson received a distress signal sent by Peterson and soon arrived at the site of the crash with medical equipment.

The United States Military soon arrived and captured the group. After they had negotiated their immunity in exchange for assistance in preventing the Earth's collision with the Moon, Johnson ran tact on the Air Force's operation from an unknown location.

Season 2

Approximately one year later, Johnson was enjoying his freedom granted by the immunity agreement until he was forced to participate in the rescue of Bionicle Dragon from a Canadian death row prison for reasons only known to a mysterious personage.

After the rescue, Johnson drove the vehicle containing Haas and Dragon through the Mojave Desert and noticed that they were being pursued by Canadian military forces. Johnson was directed to drive into a tunnel leading to Majcorp's Mojave Base, but soon found that the tunnel was a dead end. When the team used Dragon's retinal scan to open up the inner part of the chamber, they triggered the launch of a rocket, of which the tunnel was revealed to be a part. The rocket blasted out of the Mojave, incinerating the B Team's pursuers, and headed towards Mars.

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