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One of Jrllnd`s numerous avatars

Jrllnd is a comic maker, best known for the creation of Jrllnd`s comics, which have not been particularly popular. He is also a co-author for Nuparurocks' Comics and a PGS in The Past.

He has made one other series cald Edit:delete. It did not go all that well but it did get some PGS`s like Rogwiz.


Sakaru`s comics

He has appeared in numerous comics in Sakaru`s comics.

The Past

Jrllnd has appeared in The Past just a few comics but he is a PGS.

Makito`s Comics

Jrllnd has appeared in numerous comics in Makito`s comics but has now been removed from the PGS list.

Gavla's comics

Jrllnd has also appeared in a Guest Star comic in Gavla`s comics where he ends up in the mouth of a fellow guest star.

Dooms Comics

Jrllnd is a PGS on Charles bob or now known as Doom`s comics.

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