BZPower Status : Member
BZPower Comics Wiki Status : User
Number of Posts (BZP) : 1500+
BZP Occupations : Writing, Comic-Making
Commenced Comic Making : 2010
Number of Comics : Lots
Pronunciation : [Kay-En-IE] Alternately: [NI-gh]
Location : United States

KNI is a fairly new comic maker and member of BZPower forums.

Comic HistoryEdit

KNI started out drawing comics in MS Paint without a kit. These comics were short-lived and generally unprofessional. He later moved on to the Writer's Alliance Comix, which attracted PGSs and was generally more successful. These comics are currently in their second season, with a movie planned. He is currently a PGS in King Joe's comic series, Of Hedgehogs and Lego Bricks, constantly being captured by Frank to be sacrificed to Joe.

Animations Edit

Throughout his time on BZP, KNI has been interested in GIMP and, inevitably, animations. Though mostly short, they are usually smooth.

External LinksEdit

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