Species : Nova Matoran
Comics : Live, Learn, and Lawsuits
Kanohi : Calix
Colors : Light Blue, White
Element : Nova
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : N/A
Location : Comic Land
Status : Unknown
Pronunciation : KAH-hee NOH-vah

Kahinova is an alternate form of Kahinuva.

Comic Information

This form first appeared in the second comic of Live, Learn, and Lawsuits where he created a Supernova that incinerated the Shoop Da Whoop Bros. and Mr. Elbirret, his landlord. However, it was also seen briefly in the first comic.


Kahinuva in able to turn into his Nova form at will, but it takes a great amount of energy to do so. He usually only does so when he is angry/insane, however, he can also transform if he concentrates on it.

KNown Powers

  • Levitation
  • Supernova Blast
  • Teleportation of small objects


Kahinova's extreme power have a great disadvantage to them. While in this form, Kahinuva's intelligence is lost, having Kahinova speak only simple sentences. In addition to this, Kahinova retains very little of Kahinuva's memories, and may be prone to go insane. It is unkinown what would happen if he did.

However, it is known that Kahinuva can keep his intelligence if he concentrates hard enough, though it will dissolve after time.

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