Kanohi of Comedy


Author(s) : Chosen One of Bionicle
Current Season : --
Medium : Rayg 2.0
Island : Mata Nui
Main Enemies : Teridax, Rahi
Number of Movies : None
Started On : April 1, 2009
Location : Various
Status : Not Very Popular
Pronunciation : N/A

Kanohi of Comedy is a sprite comic, which parodies the official BIONICLE storyline. It was inspired by The Rise and Fall of the Toa.

The Story

The story is pretty much the BIONICLE-storyline, the biggest difference though is the appearance of the Cho-Matoran In the future, the story will differentiate more from the official story, but it is still going to be the main plot, says Coob, the author of the series.


Kanohi of Comedy was very well accepted, pretty much everyone who visited the topic and posted, liked it. One of these people was Turaga Dlakii.


  • These comics were designed after the BIONICLE-parodying-scheme of The Rise and Fall of the Toa.
  • There would be more comics, if Coob had more time.
  • Coob already has ideas for movies and for 2009, but he'll probably never come so far.
  • The Chosen Ones and Cho-Koro are going to appear at some time.
  • Coob finds it interesting how he gets 25 posts in more than 2 months, but some other comics get 50 posts in two weeks with much less comics. This may be, because not many people even know of the comic's existence.
  • Many people may dislike the use of Rayg 2.0, but Coob thinks, this is THE kit for BIONICLE-parodying comics, and he's NOT going to change it in the forseeable future.
  • With TRAFOTT gone, these, Bionicle Chronicles of Mata-nui, Legends of the Matoran, and BIONICLE: Retold are the last BIONICLE-parodying comics left.
  • These are the only sprite comics who were made by a comic maker from Austria (Sorry if some other austrian comic maker is out there :P, but I don't know any).
  • The time and date when KoC was posted was planed before, because it includes a riddle (NOTE: It's not being April 1st.That would be too easy, wouldn't it?)

External Links

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Kanohi of Comedy at Chosen One of Bionicle's Brickshelf

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