KanohiNinja (Kanin) joined BZPower on the 1st of November, 2008. He is a normal ranking member, and a occasional visitor to the BZPower forums. He generally posts on comics he authors or knows the author well, but he reads many of the BZPower comics. He only frequents the comic board.

Kanin Data
Name: KanohiNinja
Age: 13
Species: Matoran
Powers: None
Mask: Speed
Specialty: Ninja Powers

Comic Styles

Different comic series created by Kanohininja have had differant styles.

-Kanohi Ninja Dojo (Formerly Kanohi Ninja Comics) started off as a paint comic, then blasted off into the style of many GIMP using comic makers; Panels on a background.

-KFC comics created by Kanohininja were almost all animations, with the exception of ONE.TWO.CHICKEN.

-Kanin no Jitsu had one comic in the style of the later KND comics and one comic with no panels

-Misguided Entertainers 1.0 had a paint comic, and a comic in the style of the later KND comics.


  • Kanohi Ninja Dojo
  • KFC
  • Kanin No Jitsu
  • Misguided Entertainers

Other appearances

Kanohininja has also made an appearance in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0. He guest stared with Kothra and blew up a Burger King, causing him to get arrested.

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