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"Karzahni" derives from official BIONICLE canon. For information on on Karzahni's role therein, please see this article from the BS01 Wiki.


Species : Mutated being
Comics : VakamaTK's Comics, The Life of the Toys
Kanohi : Unknown
Colors : former: N/A Current Green, Black (purple as a variant)
Element : N/A
Occupation : Former: N/A Current:Pit owner, Teacher
Tools : Former: N/A Current: N/A
Location : The Pit, The Ga Koro school
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Kar-Zhan-I

Karzahni is a character in two comics: VakamaTK's Comics as a teacher in a half mutated/half normal form and The Life of My Toys as his current form.

In VakamaTK's Comics

In these comics, Karzahni is portrayed as Kaima's cruel science teacher. He is mean to his students and doesn't like summer vacations.

In The Life of the Toys

In these comics. Karzahni is depicted as his post-mutated self. He is the owner of Gadunka, friend of Starscream and drinks a lot. He doesn't really like Matoran coming onto his lawn. He is also a part time science teacher. Although he's not as cruel as his VakamaTK's Comics counterpart. He has a twisted past and doesn't want to tell anyone about it. But all I can say is that it involves The Piraka, a ton of beer, a pair of underwear and a construction site.

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