Species : Wad of money
Comics : Summer Break, Flaming Comics 2.0
Kanohi : N/A
Colors : Green with a blue band and on fire (Summer break), green with a blue band (Flaming Comics 2.0)
Element : None
Occupation : GEICO's current Mascot
Tools : None
Location : Anto-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Ka-Sh

Kash is a character from the more recent GEICO commercials, in Summer Break, Khols' summer comic series, and in Flaming Comics 2.0, FireEmblem's second comic series as well as some other ones.

The character's popularity has grown enough to be considered a comic stereotype.

Character Overview

Kash is a wad of cash (aka "The Money you could be saving with GEICO") that showed up to Khols' house one day, riding a black haired squirrel while on fire somehow. Dody, the resident pudding lover asked Khols if he could keep the two. After a short argument, Khols finally lets Dody keep the two.

Kash has also appeared in Live, Learn and Lawsuits as well as in some of Cal's series.

In Flaming Comics 2.0, he just appears. It is rumored that he is a demon that eats souls that was banished to a wad of cash to peer into people's soul to determine if they are worthy to live or die.


  • It is not yet explained how and when Kash erupted into flame. Or how he's still alive for that matter. However, Gatotak has pointed out that it may have been Gavla, because he is seen next to Kash with torches.

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