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Species : Ta-Matoran
Comics : Randamonium!, bioDEAD
Kanohi : Pakari
Colors : Orange/Red/Black
Element : N/A
Occupation : Regular Joe
Tools : N/A
Location : Randamonium!
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Kuh-Tar-Oo

Katayru is a Ta-Matoran who enjoys having his way. He loves adventure and only wishes the best for his friends.


Katayru was sent to an unknown dimension known as Randamonium! through a pop-up ad on his computer. He found himself in a desert where he met a wandering Xanis. The two ventured through the unknown world and fought off an army of zombies led by the maniacal Mr. Magicpants. They soon found themselves in a city where a swarm of Gnats led them deep underground. Here, Katayru was presumably killed, but later unearthed himself and met back up with Xanis where they gained abilities from "It". Katayru now must use his new fire powers to defeat a new threat, Malinda.

Comic Making

I started making comics, got bored, end of story. -Katayru

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