Ketru Card

Species : Matoran
Comics : Blade Titan974's Comics
Kanohi : Kakama
Colors : Light Teal, Green
Element : Woods
Occupation : Nature-Loving Guy
Tools : Ancient Bow
Location : Meta-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : KEH-troo

Ketru is a character from Blade Titan974's Comics who loves nature. He is usually kind unless you do not share his opinion.


Blade Titan974's Comics

Before Comics

Born 20 years ago, Ketru served the Royal Family loyally (Tying to keep nature from harm, of course). Several years later, Ketru was a finalist in the election of Meta-Nui's king, but supposedly Teratu "cheated" and Ketru lost, creating an everlasting grudge.

Chapter 1: Before it Began

After Ketru befriended Blade, he tried his best to protect nature and torment Teratu. Because, what else is he supposed to do? During this time, Ketru also formed another grudge on Kohan because he had to destroy nature. Other then that, nothing much really happened.

Chapter 2: Quest for the Meta Sword

Ketru later decided to aid Blade on his quest for the legendary sword. After receiving the Ancient Bow, he is now a skilled archer. And, after getting to know Kohan, they soon became friends. Ketru is now resting at Ko-Meta with everyone for the time being.


  • "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO MESS WITH NATURE NOW, RIGHT?!" -Ketru when he first appeared.
  • "BLARPHA!!!" -Ketru in one of Kohan's flashbacks.
  • "Take this, whatever you are!" -Ketru as he head-shots his first Silvahk.


  • Originally Ketru wielded Lehvak shields. This was later changed because of the fact that he didn't look as awesome with claws in Chimoru.
  • In comic 14, Ketru makes his own quiver. This is because Blade forgot that the quiver came with the bow in comic 12.
  • Blade actually has no idea how he thought up Ketru.
  • Ketru also likes potatoes and will often get distracted by one if it is tossed towards him.
  • Ketru made a non speaking cameo appearance in the Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0 comic Phil, Hapori Nui and the BBC

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