The Keyblade is a powerful weapon originating from the Playstation 2 game Kingdom Hearts. It has been adopted as the weapon of choice for some BZPower comic makers and characters.

Justax-Kal's Kingdom Key


JK's Keyblade in use

In most of Justax-Kal's series, and in some earlier Chimoru kits made by him, Justax-Kal has used a Keyblade identical to the one used by Sora in Kingdom Hearts. Its most recent appearance was in the MAS Bionicle: BC.

Janaro's "Kingdom Key J"


Janaro's Keyblade

In his eponymous series, and most others that he is in, Janaro also wields a Keyblade. He, originally, like Justax, used one that was gold and silver, but when he changed his sprite, he made the Keyblade orange and green. He has dubbed it the "Kingdom Key J," based on King Mickey's keyblade from the game, which had reversed colouration to Sora's and was called the "Kingdom Key D." Janaro's keyblade was one of the only successful spriting ventures he has ever embarked upon.

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