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Kittens: The Shadow Matoran

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Species : Matoran
Comics : Unknown
Kanohi : Hau
Colors : Yellow Hau and limbs, black hands, green torso and feet
Element : Unknown
Occupation : Traveler
Tools : A common long sword, a blaster rifle
Location : Unknown
Status : Unknown, possibly traveling
Pronunciation : N/A

Kittens: the Shadow Matoran (also referred to as Dark Kitten Sage or Simply Kittens) is a traveler and the main protagonist in The Kitten Continuity Subsection of The North-western Isles Continuity.


Kitten's identity has been varying for many years. Currently, he is a traveler that wanders the comic land in search of adventure and mystery, possibly going on quests to get money, or pursuing his own goals. Whatever he is, the strangeness of his name is yet to be revealed. It is unknown if Kitten's "Shadow matoran" status is actually in any affect in this story.


Kitten's Unnamed movie

Kittens will be in a starring role in his own movie, along with a slew of Permanent guest stars, such as Superkid11, Lavaside rahi, Rangan Mercenus, and many more. In this appearance, he is a traveller, who comes across many other's paths, eventually leading to a series of events that affects the world as we know it. Rather than a single plot, the movie has several subplots that eventually meet up in the end.

The Mercenus Chronicles

Kittens is set to appear in The Mercenus Chronicles, presumably in chapter 4. If this is the case, then he will have joint the BZ-Guards seeking adventure. Chronologically, this appearance will be set after kitten's movie, but he will mysteriously forget who Rangan Mercenus is. Because of the author's insistence that characters should have unique names, it is possible that kittens will have a different name in this story, like "Kietnus" or whatever...


Kittens can sometimes come off as an innocent character, sometimes a far bit too curious and a bit crazy with weapons... much like cats in a sense. He is quite skilled with a sword, and can possibly stand a chance against the greatest of the Comic Land's heroes.

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