Klanstraphis Picture

Species : Doamahn
Comics : The Mercenus Chronicles
Kanohi : Unknown
Colors : Black cloak, red eyes
Element : Sound Manipulation
Occupation : 2nd Lieutenant of The SPAM Empire
Tools : none
Location : Unknown
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Cl-ahn-strah-ffiss

Klanstraphis is a character and a minor antagonist in The Mercenus Chronicles. He is, in simple terms, an in-denial coward.

Fictional Biography

Pre-Mercenus Chronicles

As Klanstraphis is a new character, much of his biography has yet to be released. However, it is known that he "licked" his way up the ranks of the SPAM Empire, possibly through his sound manipulating powers.

The Mercenus Chronicles

The Mistika Bar

Klanstraphis made his surprise entrance in "revamp comic 15" of The Mercenus Chronicles, in this appearance, he appeared before Rangan Mercenus, Bradon, Bradbot4000 and The Disciple upon a balcony which loomed over "the Mistika" pub. He made a brief summary of the origins of The SPAM Empire, referring to it as "Legions of the cursed and the bewildered, merged together towards the greater HORDE!". He then went on to explain how he got his rank through "courage" as well as his "endurance". However, The Disciple saw that this was not a reason to become a leader. Klanstraphis could see his reasoning's, but quickly retorted by amplifying the sound of the buzzing around the room, manipulating the minds of the party to instantaneously fall asleep. However, Bradbot managed to stay awake through it's AI controlled mind. At this revelation, Klanstrahis got two of his guards to attack, not knowing that they would soon meet their end.

Quickly, Klanstraphis ran out of the Cantina, where Pyros was waiting to collect him. Klanstraphis then hatched a plan to take a train to BZ-Metru, for reasons uncertain at this time. When Pyros asked about disguises, Klanstaphis handed him the perfect disguise.

After an ensuing battle with Mercenus, Klanstaphis is revealed to actually be a girl, which has been very shocking for readers.


As Klanstraphis is a character introduced in the revamp comics of chapter 1, it is uncertain if he survived after chapter 2, where he has not and will not appear in the future.

Personality and Traits

Klanstraphis appears to his enemies and allies as a brave and malevolent being, but deep down inside he is a natural born coward, not even revealing his face to his enemies before making them fall asleep.

Klanstraphis seems to be able to control people's mind through his mentality, most notably making Rangan Mercenus and Co. fall asleep, however, he doesn't appear to be able to manipulate machines, shown in Bradbot's immunity to his sleeping power. However, due to recent revelations, it appears that Klanstraphis can only create a high pitched buzzing sound, loud enough for there to be a glow around it. Klanstraphis can mainpulate the sound into many pitches, which he uses to make people sleep, do his bidding and much more.


  • Klanstraphis' true form will be revealed, and it will hopefully be most surprising, and is also linked to an epic the author is writing.
  • He is based on the Metal Gear Solid Character "Psycho Mantis", the similarity will become more obvious in due course.

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