A comic maker on BZPower currently known as The Kohu who is represented by a Lime green Miru wearing green and red Toa with lime green armor whose personality changes in almost all his appearances.


BZPower HistoryEdit

Kohu joined BZPower on January 1, 2008 as HB502, and he began posting in March. During his time on BZPower, he has posted a sprite kit, a comic series, the Ignokkan Kit, and created a Plushie shop in Artwork II. He will be celebrating his next birthday January 9.

Name HistoryEdit

  • HB502: 1/1/08 - 4/13/08
  • Tahnok502: 4/13/08 - 7/17/08
  • kohu toa of greatness: 7/17/08 - 10/18/08
  • -Carnage-: 10/18/08 - 2/1/09
  • -Kohu-: 2/1/09 - 6/27/09
  • -Kohu and Kotali-: 6/27/09 - 2/2/10
  • Nanonicle General Kohu: 2/2/10 - 3/20/10
  • HBOMEGA10: 3/20/10 - 5/15/10
  • Kohu the Fire Warlord: 5/15/10 - 6/29/10
  • Kohu Furno: 6/29/10 - 9/27/10
  • Max Justice The Sorceror: 9/27/10 - ?/?/?
  • Sorcerer Kohu: ?/?/? - ?/?/?
  • Tavros Nitram: ?/?/? - ?/?/?
  • The Kohu: ?/?/? - ?/?/?


In K.A.A.S.Edit

Kohu is an inventor, who often acts impulsively and without much thought.

In ~V~Edit

Venom's mindless bodygaurd.

In Shadonix's Comics 3.0Edit

Kohu is, at 10, the youngest member of the NGC. He's pretty much your basic Run-of-the-Mill 10-year-old, which isn't great, but not that bad either. What's the big deal? We all need to settle down here.

In Biocryptid's Comics 2.0Edit

Typical 10 year old who needs someone who he can look up to and placed Bio in that position. He also ironically wears a Noble Miru while thinking Hau's are better.

In The AsylumEdit

According to Ddude "Spartan Shadow Matoran and best friends with Bio!"

In Darklight's ComicsEdit

There isn't much to say about Kohu. Except that he doesn't worry much about troubles.


Alternate UniverseEdit

Kohu was a green and red Matoran or Toa, whose appearance changed in almost all his appearances.


Character HistoryEdit

This alternate version of Kohu splintered off from the original timeline when in Searching, he was confused for a nazi spy. He was an inventor, who often acted impulsively and without much thought and later died to to existing in a doomed timeline.


  • ~V~(PGS)
  • Searching(Former Co-Author)
  • The War of Rocks and Shapes(PGS)
  • Those Comics(PGS)
  • Alternate Reality Inc.(GS)
  • Tanma's Comics: Evolution(PGS)
  • BZP Live(GS)
  • Civil War(PGS)
  • OTS Season 2.0(Co-Author)
  • Cookin' with Makuta Season 2(PGS and later Co-Author)

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