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Kotahn's Comics


Genre : Studio Comics
Written By : Kotahn
Current Season : 2
Location/Setting : Unknown
Main Enemies : Anonymous
Starting Date : June 8, 2008
Medium : RZMIK
Status : Inactive

Kotahn's Comics is the name of several series by Kotahn, though typically the term now refers to the most recent iteration of these, started on June 8, 2008. They are closely related to Tahuri's Comics, written by Tahuri. Along with Tahuri's Comics, Kotahn's Comics are famous for introducing realistic Photoshop grass backgrounds.


Character Description
Kotahn He owns the comics, yet has no author powers. A conceited pessimist, but a good friend. He likes adventure.
Tahuri Kotahn's best friend. He becomes annoyed very easily, and is very unlucky.
Metrukuta He is temperamental and hates water. Enjoys hanging out with friends.
Superkid He likes hanging out with his friends. He goes beserk at the sight of pizza and hates Lima Beans.
Venom He enjoys eating people. He is one of Kotahn's friends, and he hates Epu.
Kynok Nuva He is obsessed with Soda. If someone mentions it around hum, he will go crazy until he finds some for himself.
Google A lonely character, though still one of Kotahn's friends. He is extremely smart.
C.A.R.L. (Chrome Articulated Robot Loser) He will do anything that anyone tells him to do, so everyone takes advantage of him.
Asprin The leader of the Three Muskaturds. Impulsive and stupid.
Peg Leg Pohatu (PLP) Member of the Three Muskaturds and a friend of Kotahn. He is the bridge between the groups.
Epu A member of the Three Muskaturds, and slightly smarter than Asprin. Allergic to solid protodermis.
Anonymous Nobody knows much about him, but he is believed to be evil.


One notable aspect of Kotahn's comics is their use of Flash games as fillers. These are typically arcade games, with many of them having a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme, and using the characters from the comics. They range from a matching game to a "Find the Difference" game.

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