LNU image

Species : Matoran
Comics : LNU's comics, Biocryptid21's BS01 Comics, Darcsyde's Comics, The Oddessy, Four Heroes One Destiny
Kanohi : Miru
Colors : Forest green, yellow
Element : Air
Occupation : Comic Maker/Author
Tools : Axe, Portal Gun
Location : Comic land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Ehl-ehn-you

' LNU is the author of LNU's comics. He is also a member of several MASes.



LNU originally posted his comics from BionicleSector01 until he decided to post them on BZPower as well. He posted several comics on BZP until it was closed due to inactivity. He created a new topic called LNU's comics 2.0.


LNU's comicsEdit

LNU's history is mostly unknown. He, like most comic makers, lives in a studio with several roommates. As of now, he has been split into five different beings by his arch-nemesis Nul.

Biocryptid21's comicsEdit

LNU is a PGS in Biocryptid21's comics. He has done numerous things, from riding in a tank that shoots nerf darts, to slipping into the avohkii party and chopping off Takanuva's head.

Darcsyde's comicsEdit

LNU is a PGS in Darcsyde's comics. The only thing he has done so far is annoy Darklight by popping the speech bubbles.

The OddessyEdit

LNU is a co-author in The Oddessy. After joining late, he handed off the Trojan unicorn to the enemy, then snuck into the castle and received the portal gun.

Four Heroes One DestinyEdit

LNU is a co-author in Four Heroes One Destiny. He was switched with Link from Legend of Zelda by the strange matoran.

External LinksEdit

BZPower Profile

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