Species : Av-Matoran
Comics : Dark709's Comics
Kanohi : Yellow Kaukau
Colors : Yellow, gold, white (arms)
Element : Light
Occupation : Dark709's sister; main character in Dark709's Comics
Tools : N/A
Location : The Comic Land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Not required

Light907 is the sister of Dark709. She spent sometime as a Toa, and detests Takanuva, who is in love with her. She wears a Yellow Kaukau, and when she was a Toa, accidentally ran over Newsy.


NOTE: Copied from the Dark709 wiki.

As part of a running gag in Season 2, when Takanuva sends her a love e-mail, she send one back with interesting results, i.e. in one she sends him back a nuclear explosion, in another she sends him a terrorist supported virus.

She also stops Sir Pickles from taking over the comics with a comic eraser by first pulling out the plug, then giving him a taste of his own medicine.

In another she drives a bus and accidentally runs over Newsy, Dark then thinks he can sue the driver for running Newsy over, but after he finds out it was her he decides against it.

In the movie she become Captain of the Boobobian guard, but later is captured.

In Season 3, she doesn't appear as much, because she, along with the other Toa, don't appear on the Character sheet.

She does appear on the Character sheet on Season 4, however this time she was a Matoran. Posters were surprised and often asked Dark how this happened. Dark eventually posted a comic on this, and it is revealed Mr. Zimmwad, under orders from Sir Pickles, used a ray gun to change her into a Matoran, in retaliation, she force-fed him the ray gun. She still makes appearances from time to time, although her role as always saving the day has been given to Torri Torri.

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