Linnea Menard


Species : Matoran
Comics : Nuparurocks' Comics
Kanohi : KauKau
Colors : Blue, Purple
Element : N/A
Occupation : Nuparurocks' Love Interest
Tools : N/A
Location : NR's House
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Lin-Knee-Ah

Linnea Menard is both a boarder at Nuparurocks' Comics and his fiancé.

Character Overview

Linnea was a Matoran living at Nuparurocks' boarding house for just over three years before she became his fiancé after he proposed on his comics' second anniversary. She was also formerly pursued by Myarti and was the subject of many desperate attempts by him to get his attention.


She has a brother, Mitch Menard, and her parents, Eileen and Geraldo Menard.


Linnea in two-shade


  • Linnea's infamous "Bikini Pose" was inspired by a BZP Three comic entitled "The Supermodel."
  • Linnea acts like a maternal figure towards Kirta, Guiding him and turning the TV off every time Dora the Explorer comes on.
  • Linnea's name is often misspelled 'Lennea' in Gavla's Comics.
  • Linnea also served as the love interest of Monstercalvin when he GSed in Nuparurocks' Comics.

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