Live, Learn and Lawsuits Studios is the studio which Live, Learn and Lawsuits is made.


The studio has been seen in every comic (aside from the Alternative Saga), even in the second point fifth and third comics which were featured outside.


The studio has four stories: one above and the other three underground. It is run by a energized protodermis generator, which is in the attic. The generator has to be replaced every three years, however, this was unnoticed by the new landlord, Mr. Elbirret, who had recently inherited it from his friend Mr. Elbacipsed. This led to the mutation of Kahinuva. The door to the studio is an interesting door, appearing different inside than outside. This is due to a double door, one being taller, with a visiscreen acting as a window. The studio has no doorbell, rather it uses a high pitched buzz.


Kahinuva has shown his new layouts for a new studio named LLL Towers.

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